Monday, February 8, 2016

Earth energy or Water energy: SUP boards, Dark Matter and Perpetual Motion

Left is the instructor and right is Ben. I am taking the pic. did J.C. walk on water? He didn't....he wore stilts.

At Lake Natoma, the boys and I are at an REI stand up paddle class. With instructions over, the class cast their SUP boards into the water. I start to stand up on the board and my legs uncontrollable shake until I fall into the water. I try to stand again, but shake and I fall into the water. The instructor tells us to take off our water sandal, which helps. I finally managed to stand but with effort, though Ben never stood up and Jon took off paddling.

Why did Ben and I get wiggly legs?

Top two are the instructor's feet and her on the board. Bottom two are me. One with Water energy, then Earth energy.

For the drawings above, I looked at my record and records from the class photos. Remember, if its published, anyone has access to those records.

In the top left drawing, the instructor is standing on solid ground. The instructor's feet are covered with green/brown Earth energy going up her feet, ankles, and lower legs. The body then draws on this energy to cover itself. In a previous post, I explained why the Earth's energy covers the physical body.

In the top right, on her SUP board, the instructor retains her connection to the Earth energy from the lake bottom. Her connection is so strong it cover her board.

In the bottom left, I am unconnected to the Earth trying to stand on my SUP board. My physical body wants an energy source to sustain itself and takes the closest one which is Water. The Water energy is fluid and every moving which causes my lower legs to wiggle uncontrollable.

In the bottom right, I am finally standing but with effort. My Earth connection is weak and I am still taking in some Water energy, a.k.a wiggle energy.

This is cool. I finally understand it. I can't wait to practice making a good Earth connection on my next water vacation.

Update: 2016 February 13 - Dark Matter & Perpetual Motion:
Someone out there is thinking out loud. He said, "Shit, we are busy trying to find dark matter...he is classifying it." I don't know what dark matter is. If it is matter that we are in the dark about, then maybe this stuff is it. Also you have your soul and your avatar which exist as unknown matter.
The same person stated that you could make an endless motion machine with wiggle energy. I don't know...knock yourself out.
In the record, being told something does not help you understand it. Discovering it for yourself enlightens yourself. I had to read about the CERN article about Dark matter before I could understand why this event was important.

Update: 2016 July 9 - Dragon:
In class, during the instructions on dry land, a tall red head male admitted that he had problems standing on a SUP board. In the record, he was the Black Dragon. He wanted to make sure that we would be OK on the SUP boards. Before I hit the water, he convinced my shoulder avatar to remain silent about my absent of green Earth energy covering my body. I had to discover blue Water energy. I had to experience wiggly legs.

Update: 2017 December 31 - Tory Belleci of the Mythbusters on the Russian swing.
Watch the Mythbusters marathon over in Sacto when the 360 swing episode came on. The reason Tory did not make the complete swing was because he broke his brown Earth connection, thus his leg went wobbly. In the record, I am not sure what his body started to channel for a replacement energy.  It looked like it was the absent of anything thus his body was trying to latch onto anything without success.

2017 May 20 - After a fish is caught, it flops on the land because it still has Water energy in it. It stops when the Water energy is replaced by Earth energy. Different types of energy need to be capitalize in a sentence when referring to the entity of that energy, e.g. Water, Ice, Earth, Lightning, Sun, magnetic... 
2017 December 31 - Added Russian swing, change electricity to lightning. 
2018 February 16 - added wiggle energy 
2018 April 21 - grammar  
2019 July 14 - added note to dark matter and like go Google slides on DEM
2023 November 5 - changed font, reposted pics

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