Sunday, February 14, 2016

2016 February 6-12: Neptune - the Eighth Planet of the Twelve

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "The shadows have to allow their humans the freedom to make mistakes.  When we make our mistakes, we all learn." Shadow Queen & Neptune Queen.

February 6-12: Neptune, the Eighth Planet of the Twelve - (Yes, I know it's another ice planet. I still don't understand it, but I think I am getting closer.) 
A quote from a Neptune human, "How can you not know that you have an avatar?", which they did but did not know. Little was accomplish this week because their shadow avatar used force thought to stop them from trying anything. Why? Because they wanted to stay hidden, though it did not work. The Shadow Queen was unmasked when she had an energy surge and neither the Neptune Queen nor I had an energy release. The shadow avatars reside in the body of the Neptune humans and are located on the Neptune moon, Triton.
Cross train - Queen, 4 Princess & Handmaidens, Madam Ping
Hearing music -  A thousand miles song played inside my head while I did volunteer work at the Marin Circle. The Century Oak Tree avatar used the song to ask me out that night.
Improvement - The avatars painted the lamp shade. Thanks. 
Improvement - The avatars installed my desk lamp shade. Thanks.
Force thought - Happened several times until I told the avatar to fight back. My avatar banged a shield against my energy bubble at the location of the monkey thought form.  This causes a gong ringing sound that resonates throughout my bubble, which sounds very odd. The sound transmitted to the location of the monkey writers, who left their area until it stopped. On the outside of my bubble, the monkey shakes off, falls,and disintegrates into the soup of energy we live in.
Cross train - Princess & Handmaiden, Liz, Oakland Estuary & Sister, Hayward & Daughter, San Jose, Santa Cruz & Daughter 
Force thought - Several monkeys were busy with me until I had the avatar ring the gong. 
Force thought - More monkeys latch on to my bubble then the avatar rings the gong.
Improvement - I started doing free weights. Thanks
Epiphany - They finally find out they have avatars. 
Cross train - Queen & Daughter with Shadow Queen & Daughter 
Catch - My foot was held at work which no one noticed.
Hearing voices - At work, I am returning equipment for OEM calibration. I double clicked the button which sent the online from twice. I hear a male voice say, "Thanks. You have sent the form twice."  It was the avatar that governs that company. 
Hack - The light went off, blinked quickly, then turn on again.
Catch - At work, I tripped but no one saw it.
Force thought - It was like a boxing match. My avatar knocked them off with the shield, then 20 minutes later I was knocked out, until the avatar rung the gong again.
Dreams - I am working at a store under the management of Jean Hackenburg.  She was once the HR manager of a company I worked at on Earth.
Improvement - I squeegeed the bottom of the tub/shower for my safety when I step in. Thanks.
Cross train - 5 Shadow Queens

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