Saturday, February 6, 2016

2016 January 30 - February 5: Uranus, the Fifth Planet of the Twelve

Each week, a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "If it's broke and you want to fix it...think of us, we can help." Uranus Fix-it Man

January 30 - February 5: Uranus, the Fifth Planet of the Twelve - Yes, I know its a ice planet, thought I have been here in dream world.  Uranus manufactures products for other worlds to consume. They are very good with mechanical devices. 
30th -
Force thought: I had to tell the avatars to back off on the force thoughts to get the 7th planet post out.
Dream: The direction I want to drive the truck is blocked. I have to drive around the block to get it to the factory. As I drive up the steep hill, the truck does a wheelie. This dream is from Uranus.
Cross train: Mum, 4 Mum, Redwood 
31st - 
Shell: The man wearing a helmet is riding a motorbike on Creston Road. In the record, I saw an avatar on his shoulder, but it was an invisible person standing on the back seat. Both are blue avatars.
Shell: In Berkeley, a man is standing on the Tamalpais path . He asked me if there was another path above. I told him to go to Keith for the next path. In the record, he is a yellow avatar in a shell.
1st -

Hack: In the folder, I view the slides as large icons. The left one has the wrong icon to the file name.  The right one is missing the picture in the icon. Editing the slides fixes it.
Hack: The Cisco phone's LCD turns on everyday at 7:30. Today it turned on at 7:31. 
Catch: I tripped in a vacate hallway.
Force thought: Lots of talk about doing a post that would be cool, which takes my mind off my work.
Shell: Early in the morning, on the bike going to BART, I see a large-white open plastic bag full of air rolling down the street. In the record, there is an avatar in the bag rolling down the street.
Shell/force thought: Riding the bike home on Walnut Street, a squirrel crossed the road very slowly. Upon seeing the squirrel, my force thought was broken. I thank the squirrel. In the record, I can see the avatar in the squirrel shell. I hear him say that I need to pay attention to the biking and not the force thought.
2nd -
Hack: Lights dimmed and turned back on.
Shell: I zoom through today's record looking for shells. As I round Bancroft on to Oxford, off to my left, I see an orange avatar several timelines away. I do a huge arc through multiple lines to get a better look at who it is. I suddenly stop in front of my Dad, who compliments me on my good work. I say thanks and speed off on the hunt for shells. 
3rd -
Hack: I noticed my workmates are being hacked. I lend them computer help and their problem magically disappears while I am there. I need to have a talk with the avatars of the week to hack me only.
Hack: The workbench program crashes Oracle for the RMA techs but no one else. Even IT could not confirm it. In the record, I see an avatar doing the hack and the Oracle avatar say, "Must you!". Ibol and I break out in laughter.
Hack: Twice, the lights dimmed and turned back on. 
Hack: When I close the Business Skype program, a message opens then gradually closes at the bottom of the screen, but it didn't appear.  In the record, the avatar turned the message off.  I thanked them for doing it. Then we break out in a conversation about me testing the avatars. He said to me that we are suppose to hack you. I said, "Yes, but it is a choice if it is useful or not. And besides, it's nicer to hear a thank you." 
Shell: At home, I thought I saw a crow outside. I go out to see if they want peanuts. It turns out that Victoria, the cleaner upstairs, had a question about how the windows open. I explained it to her and now she can finish the window cleaning. There was no crow, I was suppose to go outside to talk to Victoria.
Cross train: 2 Mum, Ginger, Alameda, Berkeley, Madam Ping
5th -
Catch: I use my dish towel at work to dry my dishes. As I hang the towel, my hand jerks and I drops the towel.
Hack: I open the link to the general drive and Joel and I see no files, though the general drive has thousands of files. Later in the day the link works. In the record, the avatar directed the link to a folder that had no files.
Hack: When closing the Skype program, the message does not appear anymore. Thanks.
Force thought: I thought I moved the right file, though it was the wrong one. I redo the work.
Shell: Driving home from work, a man covered from head to toe rode a bicycle through a red light at a perfect time. He is a green avatar inside of the human shell.

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