Friday, February 12, 2016

Q & A: What is perfection and J.C.'s humor

Why did J.C. cross the road...the walk sign was on.  This is actually funny...LOL.

1. There is a general buzz in the air that the prefect line was the right answer in the "why do we have avatar" post. I'll throw this out there...perfection is a state of not getting better. For instance, when a business says they have a perfect safety record, it tells me that they are measuring the wrong things. When you hit that road block of perfection, you need to change what you measure. To change, you need to think outside the box of perfection you are trapped in. The key for avatar to think outside of the box is emotions, which they have abandoned long ago.

In the avatar world, there are perfect processes that have been ongoing for a millennium or more. The avatars need our help to fix those processes, because they are still trapped in the box of perfection.

2. No one figured out the hint in the post intro of Earth energy or Water energy: SUP boards.

In the picture is the post intro and the answer to what J.C.'s stilts were made of. I doubt anyone can walk on water unless you are a fish who can harness wiggle energy. More importantly, when we figured out how he walked on water, a few avatars and I started to kid J.C. that he started to train ninjas to take over the world. In a deadpan voice he said, "I think they all became martyrs." 
*.....silence.....sound of crickets.....*

To be fair, he does find things funny. He cracks up when he hears folks say, "Jesus Christ on a bicycle." Why? In his words, "It's funny, because it could not have happened."
*.....silence.....more sounds of crickets.....*

As his Dad said, "Lord knows we are working with him on his humor."  
2023 October 26 - changed font, reposted pic

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