Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Earth Energy: Cat Bath

" A cat laying in the Sun isn't lazy...her charge should last all night." Cat Goddess Bast

As I wait for my girlfriend to start the cat bath, my arms go numb from leaning against the bath tub rim while holding the cat. With numb arms, my hands feel a huge ball of energy surrounding the cat. The pitcher of water covers the cat and there is no reaction, just a curiosity of being wet. This is cool. I just need to keep this ball of energy going, but my body shifts. As my arms return to normal, the cats gets antsy and attacks my girlfriend, the wet offender. 

Back of black cat in energy bubble - Left to right & top to bottom: dry cat, glass of water, wet cat with hands, wet cat no hands


So, what is happening when I tourniquet the Earth energy at my biceps?

To make the four panel picture above, I look at the cat bath record and examine my desk drinking glass.

At the top right, a dry cat radiates a yellow band of energy the length of its fur and walks in a light green energy bubble.

On the left, the water glass shows white streaks of energy going off in all directions, all the time.

In the bottom right, my hands are on the cat and the green ball of Earth energy fills its bubble. Though the fur is wet against its body, the yellow energy stays up. While water is on the cat, I look for the white energy and see nothing. In talking with a Cat Goddess, the yellow sun energy neutralizes the white energy from the water. 

The last picture shows why cats dislike baths. When the fur is wet, the cat losses the protection of the sun energy which allows the white energy to prick its skin. The white energy from the water is not harmful, but irritates a cat.

Update - 2019 December 4 - Lucky guess about broken Wiggle energy on the cat.

2020 November 3 - What is important about this post was that I was able to identify a DEM energy, Wiggle strand, and yet I had no ideal what they were. This post confirmed that I am clairvoyant and on the right track.
- redid quote, font, grammar

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