Sunday, January 8, 2017

Avatar Speak: Stephen Colbert channels Nostradamus

At 5:52 Stephen Colbert avatar speaks Michel de Nostredame, a.k.a. Nortradamus

Quote: "Dave is quite clueless...he needs all our help." Mike

On Face the Nation, John Dickerson interviews Stephen Colbert.
At 5:52 Stephen changes his mannerism and speech to channel Nortradamus.
"The eagle shall fight the lion upon the plain near the river of Kish."

In the record, Mike wanted to give me a message. What it means, I have no idea.

Avatar speak is common in human society. Quit treating it as a mental disorder.

Update: 2017 November 5 - I have done nothing with the info Mike gave me. I have no ideal what it means. It is low on my priority list. Though the location is correct, which also means nothing to me. But there you go.
- I just had a talk with Mike and convinced him that he was looking through rose tinted glasses when he did is predictions. Yes, he was contamination from the schism. I would look at his predictions in a general sense which lack any details.
As for the fight between the lion and eagle, I view this as a weather forecast of the weather avatars versus the land golems. But who knows...remember...think general.

2024 May 5 - changed font, reposted pic

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