Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Avatar Brawl: Conflict Resolution

Salon Brawl

Quote: "I promise not to break their stuff, if they leave my stuff alone." Avatar Fred

At work in QA, the control does not communicate via WiFi. I took the control back to the worker who calibrated it, Fred.

"The WiFi does not work."
"Here, let me look at that."

In a room, a world away, I mentally heard, "Hi, I'm Fred."
Looking up from a view bubble, the avatar hacker said, "Huh!"
Avatar Fred preceded to wreck that room and the next one chasing after the hackers, destroying everything in his path.

In the record, that was one of the most bizarre happening yet. I had to do the "dumb blonde" express and listen to human Fred calmly troubleshoot the WiFi problem. All the while, for several minutes, Avatar Fred was crashing and breaking all sorts of stuff in the hacker's avatar world.

Once touched, always in touch applied to the control. Since human Fred calibrated the control, his avatar counterpart on Venus easily located the avatar hacker who touched the same control. The hack was to flip a byte location from "0" to a "1" in the WiFi address.

A word of caution regarding flash memory versus EEPROM. Flash memory maybe sexy but easily changed with a flick of an avatar finger. With avatar eyes, flash memory was small green snake at each memory location, while EEPROM has solid white dots which look unchangeable.

2020 October 3 - grammar 
2024 May 2 - reposted pic and changed font

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