Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Golems Change - We are Groot!

"We are Groot!" A quote from The Guardian of the Galaxy movie
Quote: "When I said take a walk around in it...I never meant it literally." Atticus Finch

My soul and shoulder avatar are in the Garo Hills of East India talking to the Chief Snow Golem.

"Hello there, I am David and she is Ibol. We come to visit and ask a favor."
"What will you have of us?" 
"I would like to invite some of your females to be human for a day."
"If we do, what do we receive from it?"
"It's a chance to know what it's like to be a human."
"Why would we?"
"It's hard to say. In the end, I want your folks to treats humans as if we are one of you."

In the record, I circled the Pacific Fire Rim enlisting golems to be me for a day. The goal is golem understanding of human life through avatar substitution. Perhaps then, together, we can agree on how to govern the Earth.

Today, I was watching President Obama farwell speech when a golem avatar spook, "We are Groot!". I, David, started to cry.

Humanity needs to understand that the golems of the world have no reason to work with humans. It touched my heart, when I heard a golem say they are one with us.

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