Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Avatar Process: Human Fevers

  Nurse Alta Alice Miner Bates fever process on David. The violet area are on avatar fire.

Quote: "Yes, I do house calls if you need my help." Nurse Alta Alice Miner Bates

On the floor futon watching a "Many of True Nerd" episode, I just finished my Ovaltine and set the glass down.
All of a sudden, my soul replaced the avatar of the day, as I felt my upper lungs, throat and teeth on fire. 
My first thought, "Was the milk bad?"
Then an avatar thought crossed my mind of the Hawaiians drowning in the ocean for relief of their fever. I decided to ride the fire and fell sideways to sleep.

In the record, I did not miss the influenza. They delayed the cure for a time that was best for me. To administer the cure, Alice replaced my shoulder avatar. She pinpointed the areas of my body that were infected by the virus, raised her energy level, and set them on fire.

 Pele tried to cure her people of various illnesses with disastrous results.

The Epidemics of 1848-1849, page 5

Last Sunday, 1/29, I was in my body sick with the flu again. This time it was the traditional 8 hours of the body on medium heat versus the hour of avatar fire. With the avatar fire I walked away from being sick with no sore throat, mucus cough up, and post nasal drip.

In the record, I looked at samples of the virus from both treatments. The medium heat cooked the virus but allowed the damaged virus to exist in my body. The avatar fire disintegrated the virus with nothing left.

I need to learn how Alice does the fire. The traditional method left cells for immunity, but the cure takes a toll on the body.

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting, once touch, always in touch applies to every female avatar that has been in this body. I have access to Alice's fever fire, but I don't have a clue how to do it. I think I will practice on my wart viruses to start. Watch me burn a chuck of my finger off by mistake...LOL.

2017 January 30 - Looked at the record and changed that it was me who was sick. It is confusing since avatar slip in and out of me so easily. Also added my latest flu illness for comparison.
2017 February 1 - changed incinerated to disintegrate, added more on the traditional cure
2024 May 3 - reposted pics

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