Sunday, January 8, 2017

Coach Dave - Getting New Recruits

Mark of Dormammu on the Ancient One's forehead. The link has been removed.

Quote: "Yeah, when you constantly use a view bubble to spy on a bevy of gorgeous makes you wonder why am I in a dark, damp cave with a bunch of lonely males." Male avatar defector

Just finished watching the Dr. Strange movie with Ben. While driving home from Santa Cruz, I discuss with Ben why the Ancient one has the dark mark of Dormammu.

"I think she kept in contact the dark one for a reason. What is the saying about friends and enemies being close?"
"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."
"Yeah that's it. You always want to know what they are doing so there are no surprises. I think a side affect of the mark was that she was keep young."

I try to be transparent with my coaching of the avatars. I even allow the ones who have issues with me to see what I am do. In fact, some of my best workers were the ones who defected from the other side.
2024 May 2 - reposted pic, changed font

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