Saturday, January 21, 2017

Force Thought - Why humans are muggles.

Magic of Might Statue
Quote: "Together we go...or divided we fall." Albus Dumbledore

I decided to post the picture above and an avatar expressed his opinion.

"Why are you posting that?"
"Why not."
"We disagree with it."
"Why? You use force thought on everyone, including me, to keep us muggles."
"Unless we all work together...and literally together...we will never go forward."

In the record, all humans are muggles because force thought is used by avatars to suppress our ability to question the occurrence of any odd happening.

How can Stephen and John not know that Stephen channeled Mike?

How come the ranger thinks he sees a snake when it is too cold for a snake to be out that early?

HowForce Thought!

But when you and your shoulder avatar work together, nothing is hidden.
You are Sherlock Holmes.
You question the event and your shoulder avatar allows you access to the timeline of the event. Nothing is impossible for you and your avatar to figure out.

Why is force thought used by the avatars?
They do not want to be found.
If so, what are hiding?

You already know this answer.
Look at your childhood and how you learned about life.
I will answer this later.

Updated - 2017 January 23 add force thought
- 2017 March 1 - added why they hide

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