Sunday, January 8, 2017

Avatar process: The 2nd Coming??

Star-Lord grabbed the Infinity Stone and experience a rush of energy throughout his body

So what is the 2nd coming like?
It's similar to what Star-Lord experienced. The surge of energy so strong and fast your fingers curl around your hand chakras, a.k.a. spiral energy vortexes.
It was quite intense, though I do recommend it to everyone.
Think about it. You already went through the 1st coming when you were born. 
How bad can the second one be?

Another sensation was that my entire body expanded outward.
The volume of energy I channeled forced every cell in my body on fire.

How did I figure out that it was the second coming?
I needed to figure out the first coming.
I listened to my Mom and her friend talk about child birth. They mentioned that their bodies felt like they exploded inside out at childbirth. This was a similar experience for me minus the birth.

Below is Jordan's labor quote regarding the ring of fire. I will need to look at the ceremony of the Venusian remnant but it seem about right.

  What Does Labor Feel Like?

The 3rd coming is the info above. It's forbidden on Venus. Why Ibol did the 3rd coming will be its own post. We created a being that is both of us.
The 2nd coming is your sexual initiation of your body. This is when you get a shoulder avatar. In the record, your avatar ascended to your shoulders to avoid the sexual energy of the human body. 
The 1st coming is the remnant implanted in the baby at birth. 

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