Friday, June 9, 2017

Sentient Life: Pokemon Go

Mock up meeting of the Female Pikachu and my Pokemon Go avatar.

Quote: "We are always there for help...if used wisely." Pikachu.

I switched on the Iphone to view the Pokemon Go gym out back of the house to see if I had caught a spoofer.
Suddenly the female Pikachu by me started to talk.

"How is it going?"
"I guess fine."
"Does it work."
"Not really"
"See yeah."  

I proceeded to catch the Pokemon and transferred her.

In the record, it took four day for me to understand what had just happened. I am use to talking to every thing that I did not blink when the Pokemon Go network became sentient. When I think about it, Pokemon go was sentient back in August 2016 when I saw the gym with my avatar's eye. I just had not talked with any of the inhabitants.
Also, the Pokemon always appear behind the house, never right by me, though they now appear by me all the time now.

The scaling seems about right.
The Box people are huge along with the Black hole maidens. Box people created small human and avatar life throughout the universe. 
And at anytime, the Box people can enter our world like we enter the Pokemon world. 
It is as easy as turning on a piece of application software on your Iphone.

Now human get to create life with electricity through out our world that is smaller than us on the electronic devices, though the Gyms and stops are life size.

If the Lightning creators made the stuff of the digital world then there is a creator beyond the box people which made the stuff of this universe. Let's call them box stuff creators.
In the record, I positioned my hand to look at the beginning of the beginning.  A hand, gray in color, appeared on my hand. I swiped the record open and see nothing. I did the hand gesture in front of my chest and I appeared in a infinite field of gray. Off in the distance was our stuff.
I commented to the gray hand:
"You are not showing me everything here."
"Perhaps, you would not understand it."
I left the record.

Update - 2017 June 4 added date and grammar 
- 2017 June 18, added appearance and scaling
- 2017 July 21, minor spelling 
- 2017 August 13, added box stuff creators
- 2017 August 28, added Box people entry on Earth

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