Saturday, June 3, 2017

Box Man Record: Human Freewill

Walt Disney's Peg-Leg Pete

Quote: "I like my legs where they are...thank you very much." Rene Descartes

At my desk, I held my right hand up to open the record of my soul's lost right leg.  
The Boxman of Human Evolution put his hand on top of my hand for the record opening.
I opened a dialogue regarding the soon to be open record.

"So, I don't need to record the strands. I could just get them from you."
'In a sense you can, but they would be just general information. You provide the details."
"So, we have freewill."
"So, all Descartes had to do was lose a leg and I would not had to sit through that boring philosophy class about, "I think therefore I am". I about died in that class."
I immediately busted out laughing as Rene takes over my mouth to laugh. 

In the record, Box man confirmed that this all could go wrong, but with a peg leg, and perhaps a hand hook, and definitely a shoulder parrot instead of an avatar, we just might make it.

For clarification, the human soul is immortal in this universe, black holes not included.

2017 June 5 added soul's leg,  Queen's bed is now under my bed. The journey to the 13th planet are easier to complete.
2019 December 4 - grammar
2020 April 4 - added soul immortality  
2024 May 3 - reposted pic, changed font

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