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Newsletter 2022 October - Clairvoyant Reply

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There is this newsletter that our family and relatives do each month. The editor of the month asked several questions and folks reply back to the editor who puts it in a finished newsletter. I was trying to normalize my life by being open in the newsletter about my abilities. Perhaps that is too much for some of the readers. So I am giving those folks an option, the replies in the newsletter will be my per-clairvoyant versus in the blog will be my clairvoyant reply.  In the record, not everyone is interested in my insights of the world we live in.  
Below are my non-clairvoyant replies that made the newsletter: 
Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one? No, I have heard voices but they
seem far away.
Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Tell us about it. I have heard music in
my head. In fact, throughout my teenage years, I heard all sorts of music in my head.
It was like a DJ and I could call up any music I heard. To this day, I still hear music in
my head.
Another experience I had was when I was asleep at a friend's house. I was barely
awake looking into the closet. In the closet was a cluster of 3 empty hangers. While I
stared at it, I saw it flip 180 degrees on the rod back and forth, very rapidly. I had for-
gotten about it until now.
The other weird experience is deja vu. It is weird because you pause and think, I
know what this is. Why have I been here before? And you forget about it and move
on because how could you ever figure it out unless you were clairvoyant.
Have you ever seen a UFO or some flying object that you couldn’t explain? No.
Do you believe there is life out among the stars, intelligent or otherwise? Maybe. The
only thing that I can assume is that if I hear voices they just exist somewhere? As for
physical life, I don't think so. I was never a fan of Star Trek.
Below are my clairvoyant replies that are only here in my blog: 
Ah, I am a clairvoyant who sees Dark Energy and Matter, (DEM). Just a note, for the longest time I was looking for someone who was clairvoyant to verify my experiences. I finally came to the realization that I am one of the top clairvoyants on Earth. If I am, I need to own it. 

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one? See the pic of Casper and his uncles. The closest thing that I have been able to figure out is that the ghosts are our shoulder avatars after we die.  Shoulder avatars are how our soul parents interact with us on Earth. See partial pic from my map of human soul development. Note that both the ghost and shoulder avatar have nothing below their waist. A good example of how a shoulder avatar interacts with a human would be the blog post on Dr. Rice of Bisbee, AZ. The only shoulder avatar I talked to was in the lady and wolf post.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Tell us about it. Read my blog. But here is the thing, all of nature sees DEM. I have scurried through other animal eyes and can see what they see, which includes DEM. The human race is part of nature. The question to ask is how did we get short changed on DEM vision? In the record, my clairvoyant life is the normal. My per-clairvoyant life was the abnormal.

Have you ever seen a UFO or some flying object that you couldn’t explain? No. But I did look at a timeline record of a UFO. The examination of the record is here.

Do you believe there is life out among the stars, intelligent or otherwise? It is most certain by doing the math. At the CERN site it says that 95% of the universe is Dark Energy and Matter, which makes physical matter only 5%. If the human race is part of the 5%, that would make DEM folks more numerous than the human race. In fact, the Earth is jam packed full of DEM beings and likewise the solar system. A local example of a DEM avatar would be the store avatar post. And there are our soul parents who are on another local planet.

Bonus Topics 
Busted myths: is there something you always believed to be true, but found out that it isn’t? Heaven, hell, and purgatory are a bust, run by avatars who need a new direction. The gods/goddesses and the creator/s are a bust, who are folks, like you and me, that have issues. And Eden, the mythical place of peace and tranquility is just the 5%. Mind you, I was not happy to find out about all of this. Seriously, are we in a Bizarro cartoon? But there is hope. I have been working with the DEM folks to make this Earth the Eden it should be. In the record, think of DEM, Dark Energy & Matter, as the blue print for physical matter. When you have it right, you pop on physical matter on to the DEM. 
Replies:  Why people don't see ghost or other paranormal stuff? 
For my clairvoyance, I use my avatar's eyes. Yes, I am not a natural clairvoyant. I need her eyes to see the DEM world. 
Also, the CERN project will never find DEM, because DEM interact with DEM.
The physical things we make are not imbued with DEM, therefore does not interact with DEM, the 95%.
For several years after I discovered DEM I finally asked the question, "Why has the human race not found DEM." 
Then I looked a timeline of my riding a bicycle to work. The bike goes right through the green layer of Green Leaf energy that sit on the ground.  I looked at a record of my driving a car in the work parking lot. Again, the car wheel drive right through the DEM on the ground. 
Here is a link to a presentation I did on DEM.
Think about it. Most of us believe we have a soul. Have you found it yet? 
Most of us would say no because the physical things we make do not interact with DEM...but we do.
We have DEM in us, on us, all around us.  
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