Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016 February 20-26: The Fourth Planet of the Twelve

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "Though all is lost...never give up hope!" Orange Planet Mum

February 20-27: The Fourth Planet of the Twelve.
In the record - I try to pickup the fourth planet of the twelve and instead hold a ring of asteroid. From inside the ring, I pull out the planet's timeline and see an orange planet come together. I zoom into the planet and see buildings and people and then zoom out. As I hold the ring, I notice fragment away from the ring. David decides to view the record father away and sees many fragment scatter far from the ring.
Who are they - Some of the remaining avatars of the 4th planet are the Great White Brotherhood and their Mum. They unmasked themselves sometime ago as the GBS, the Gorgeous Black Sisterhood. They are known as the avatars you don't mess with. Part of their goal this week is to regain their feminine charms which they've forgotten. They have a dimensional door that comes off my bedroom. The GBS Mum got the third heart ring as a gift.
Why they hid as white males was to avoid their schismed selves.

20th -
Dream worlds - I exit the cave to clean my hands in the waterfall, when all manner of creatures gather by the pool side.  In the dream record, the Old Squirrel talks to me. He says the creatures want their human caretaker to fall in love with me. In their world, their caretaker is a female version of me.
21st - 
Hack - The light dimmed and stayed off for a second then turned back on. In the record, I hear the avatar say, "wait...wait before you turn it back on."
Shell - Driving home from work on Independence Drive, a crow takes flight. The crow is a shell without an avatar.  An avatar hid in the brush and remotely controlled a shell which I need to understand.
Shell -  At the corner of Alcatraz and Shattuck, there is a thin male/female person?  In the record, I see an avatar in the shell and one on the shoulders which did not fool me.  I have a long talk with them in the record.
Cross train - 3 Sisters, Poodle Avatar, Irina O., California Minerva, Marmot Princess, Gwen's Sister Chris

22nd - 
Hack - At work, I clicked on the general drive short cut. The folder was empty though there are 1000's of files on the online server.  In the record, there are only 5 other green potential timelines to choose for a different hack.
Shell - At Alcatraz and Shattuck, a black hair woman in a black dress and heels waits for the light to change. In the record she is a human shell with an avatar inside. This human shell has a layer of flesh, hair, but no bones or guts. I need to ask the Mum how she pulled this one off. 
Shell - On Independence Drive, a crow on the lawn caws real loud at the car. In the record, I see an avatar, in the brush, remotely operate an empty crow shell.
Force thought - Distracting me at home is a given unless there is a pressing deadline. The thoughts happen on the toilet and when I take a shower.
Bubbles - We, avatars, lack any team work in the Treadmarks CTF online game, though individually, we are good.
Dreams wide awake - At home, I briefly close your eyes and instantly I teleport to a dream world. 
Cross train - 4 Sisters, Anna May Wong, Ellen A. Leftwich, Orange Planet Mum, Hummingbird Mum 

23rd -

Hack - While adding a pic to the post, I find that I have nine pictures under the my phone tab, which is impossible since I have never taken a pic with my dumb phone. The pics still reside in the web album, but icon images were flicked in to the phone album.

24th -
Hack -  There was no attachment in the email. In the record, you can see an avatar finger flick the reminder on to my monitor.
Hack - The phones turned on at 7:31, not 7:30.
Catch - My foot was held by the copier and no one saw it.
Force - I was pushed into dream world, and only woke up because my mouse hand moved on it own.
25th -
Hack - The light turned off and on twice.

Hack - Oracle did not open at first, though I tried it again and it opened.  In the record, you can see a line of potential error messages that can be flicked up.
Catch - My foot was held in the Eng Lab hallway and no one noticed.
Catch - A second attempt was tried but my avatar knocked their hand away.
Force - Pushed straight in to dream land. I only woke up because I dropped the phone on the muted meeting. My next door cubicle worker was also being pushed into sleep.
Shell - A crow was cawing on the top of the apartments three hundred feet away. In the record, the crow is a shell remotely operated by two avatars. One of them says, "I hope he can hear it.". The other says, "Yeah, he can hear it."
26th -
Shell - I exit CA Route 24 onto Shattuck Avenue and besides my car is a used car driven by a black woman. We seem to be heading in the same direction, North on Shattuck. Our cars exchange lead positions, until my car gets stuck behind a parked delivery truck, and they took the lead. As our cars parted on Shattuck Place and Shattuck, I mentally hear them shout, "We beat your lily-white ass." In the record, two avatars are in a car shell that went through traffic.
Improvement - The avatars realized it's better to hold my foot versus tripping me. Thanks.
Improvement - In the Treadmarks online game, the avatar team preform the basket ball "Let's go team" hand hold before each CTF match.
Cross train - 5 Sister, Emily Barron, Martha E. Jordan, Doris H. Hopkins, Siamese Cat Goddesses, Orange Planet Mum

2017 December 29 - add why GBS hid. They are also helping out with Pandora's box which does a slight bit of contamination.
2020 November 16 - I wrote it wrong but it is right. The fifth planet, Orange, Home of Ibol/Ubol was in the location of the asteroid belt. But, the last Solar System King blew it up by undoing a creation song. So, to save the souls of the Orange planet the DEM planet was placed inside of Mars. Therefore our Solar System's fifth planet, Orange, is now a part of the Mars planet. In the record, Mars was now tasked with imprisoning the schisms of the Orange planet.
2024 January 1 - changed font, reposted one pic

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