Saturday, March 12, 2016

Avatar Process: Fear Purgatory

The goal is to use the night terrors to help humans overcome their fears and collect fear energy to treat the souls locked in fear.  The male avatars are sincere in their efforts to help us. Below is how the process of fear cleansing works, a.k.a. purgatory.

Quote: "If it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger...yeah that doesn't work for an immortal soul."
Left to right, top to bottom: Avatar builds a fear collector and the fisherman casts it. Collector latches on the energy bubble. Blue/red fear images go out and green/yellow fear goes down the collection tube. Avatar squeeze fear energy into pit of souls.
Build & Ship a Collector  - Upper Left
At his bench, an avatar builder assemblies a night terror. He has different ingredients to construct various terrors. Each terror is personalize to the human with a soul image imprinted on each one to ensure its arrival. The terror is given to a fisherman, who attaches a line and cast the collector in the soul's direction. 

Attach Collector - Upper Right
When the terror finds the correct soul, it collides on their energy bubble. The impact of the crash causes the spikes to open and the nozzle to inserts in their bubble. The fisherman pulls the line tight to ensure it is attached and to create negative pressure for collection. The crash sends fear images down the spikes for the human to see.

Fear Image & Energy Collection - Lower Left
Upon seeing their fear, the human creates yellow and green fear bubbles that are sucked up the nozzle by the negative pressure. The more collected, the greater the positive pressure to push out more fear images. The filling collector creates a bounce off the bubble which allows it to detach and float away. The loose line tells the fisherman to pull in the full catch.

Pit of Fear - Lower Right
Either the fisherman or builder takes the full collector and squeezes the contents into a pit of human souls. Any human who dies with fear on their soul is put in the fear pit. The soul has to overcome their fear and crawl out of the pit. Some never make it out, but that's o.k. since the soul is immortal.

Stay calm.

This process was started around the advent of the mammals to teach them fear of the reptiles for their survival. We started an improvement process to re-purpose one pit as an experiment. Two lovely water maidens attend an open air bath filled with soothing energies to cleanse the souls. Both male avatars, the builder and fisherman, now build finders to locate the wandering avatars, spirits, to rejoin them with the rejuvenated souls. When their shift is over, the male and female avatars have leisure time for each other. The new process is a hit with the male avatars and has been rolled out to the other purgatories.

Update 2016 March 12 - Changed imagine to image. Will update the links later today. Also updating the other three night terror post.
Update 2016 March 15 - updated links

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