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2016 March 5-11: The First Planet of the Twelve - Mercury

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "We want to help, just give us a chance to prove ourselves." Mercury Mum

The date at the top is when I drew the sketch of the markings of the Mercury daughter's forehead.

2016 March 5-11: The First Planet of the Twelve - Mercury
In April of 2012, I met the Mercury Daughters. Avatar's forehead are marked with the sign of their group. The six Daughters and their Mum are back this week. Mercury is the keeper of records for the solar system. I was allowed to view their libraries of book, movies, papers, and timelines, though Earth's timelines are keep on Venus
5th - 
Hack - I double check the Google+ blog intros for grammar misses. The Fourth Planet one is missing...just gone. No matter how many times I go back, it is still missing.
6th -
Cross Train - 3 Daughters, Mum & Daughter, Carolyn Frake, Mayan Moon Goddess, Lake Merritt Mum, Red Dragon, Blue Dragon & 2 Daughters
7th -
Energy - On my knees for Pilates, my toes start to curl. I take Earth energy from the floor and put it on my foot and it recovers.  
8th -  
Hack - At work, with Oracle open, I decide to heighten the window. I raise the title bar and it fills the screen from top to bottom, but it's blank. I experiment with other window enlargements and they all work except the height one. In the record, the avatar sees that the program first blanks out the window before it resizes the program.  The avatar had the potential timeline skip the program and leave the window blank. 
Force Thought - Three times I was almost put to sleep, then my arm moves to wake me.
9th -  
Shell - Outside the office are two crows in a tree gathering branches. I mentally say to them, "You can just get the ones on the ground. They are already broken."  In the record, one crow says, "Why does she have to say that?"  The other replies, "Because she can."  They do not have shells, but both avatars still look like crows. 
Catch - My foot was caught in production and Shaun noticed it.
10th - 
Book Discussion - I am at the book discussion for Dr. Steinman, who has helped people recover from their psychosis. His method of help is for the people to believe their psychosis is in them, not outside of them. The group starts to debate if there are other realms then the physical. I am a little annoyed with the Doctor and I take control of my body.
I say, "Let's keep it simple for you...just something."
"Interesting." is the Doctor's reply.
The avatar of the day had answered his previous questions, but now he perceived a different person who talked. At the end, he says, "'s possible this physical world is just a smidgen of what is out there." It was his avatar's way of agreeing with me, but not stating it outright. I look in the record and see his avatar used force thought to steer him in the direction he wanted. Dr. Steinman has saved people from the clutches of the medical world, though he believes in the old model, "ignorance is bliss". The new model is "just roll with it." 
Energy waves - Around 8:30 at the discussion, the wave machine start up to clean the Bay Area. Breathe hiccups return because I have no Earth energy surrounding me. I try to ground myself to the building, which fails. Five story Earth stilts are hard to maintain. My avatar see the wave and has me drink water right before it hits. The Doctor.'s avatar perceives the waves and force thoughts the human Doctor to drink at the same time as I do.
11th -
Hack -  I check for the Fourth Planet post which is present but hacked. It has pictures of the marmot not the asteroid belt of the post. Somehow the GBS flicked the backpacking pictures to show. On the trip, a GBS was me and fell in love with the Princess of the White Trees. The princess took on a marmot shell to visit her love while I/she took pictures and filmed it. The GBS is posting pinup pics of her lover. 
Improvements for the week - Use two different wash towels, a soap and rinse, to clean the kitchen. Figured out a new short cut on the shower cleanup. Thanks everyone. 
Cross Train - 3 Daughters, Avid, Julia B. Platt, Berta Caceres, Portland, Lake Merritt Mum, Mum

Update - 2016 March 29 - Corrected the wrong week dates.

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