Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2016 February 27 - March 4: The Dance Partners

Each week a different avatar group practice: hack, substitution, catch, force thought, shells, timelines, viewing bubbles, speak, hands, dream worlds, improve a process, and cross train with other avatars.

Quote: "Though we try hard, we need to let others help out. It's about the team, not the individual" Ibol and Kenisha

2016 February 27 - March 4: The Dance Partners
The avatars from the valentine dance get this week. They are often the finishers of the cross training events. There are lots of people, timings, and restraints that the finisher tracks for the group's energy release at the climax. Everyday, two avatars take my body for a spin. The first avatar listed was in my body while the second avatar was on my shoulders, except the Blue Dragon was on her own for the snowshoe hike.

Ralston Peak
27th -  Blue Dragon with Green Dragon
Shell -  Having lost the trail, the Blue Dragon sees an animal between the trees which leads her back to the Ralston Trail. In the record, she hears the voices of her brother, Green Dragon, and teacher, White Dragon, talk about how to get her back on the trail. While in my body, the Blue Dragon wanted a first hand experience of the snow on the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  
28th - Moon Princess with Sister Celia
Shell - In the backyard, a raven allows me to stand and look at her. I bring peanuts out for her, which she takes and flies away. In the record, I examine the Raven which is a shell but not a shell. I pick the raven up out of the record and hinge it open. Inside the two halves is a window to another world. I poke my head through, look, and I go back out.  After I closed the raven door, I realized that I did it again. This is the world of the Red Dragon, one of the Earth dragons.
Avid's pet dog

Dream World - My pet dog licks my check, while we both enjoy a swim in the water. In the dream record, I talk with the female, named Avid, regarding the dog. Once in the water, the dog flattens its body to wiggle through the water. On land, four paws come out and the body inflates for a round shape. The white dog is 18 inches long and looks like a flat worm. In a previous dream world, I met Avid, who is the female version of me in that world. 
29th - Hummingbird Mum with Gwen 
Shell - It's 6 a.m. as I pull the car up to the office. There is a jacket rabbit in the parking lot which hops away but stays close. In the record, I can hear her say, "Will he see me?" Her protector says, "Yes, he sees you." She is the Mayan Rabbit Goddess. 
Silly Ducks - I, the Hummingbird Mum, saw a male and female mallard ducks in the office parking lot. The ducks' avatars waved hello to me, as I mentally told them to get out of the road.  
Catch - My foot was held at the copier and no one saw it. 
Force thought - I had a panic attack and took the wrong off ramp.

Oryx Cohen

Speak - At the end of the Healing Voices movie, Oryx Cohen talks to the audience. At one point, he said that we can change the world. Then he said, "And here I am being grandiose." In the record, I see his avatar's face super imposed on his face for the avatar speak.  
Hiccups - Sitting in the theater, every 3 minutes I have a hiccup breathe. 
Timelines - To open my timelines, the Hummingbird Mum and Moon Princess needed permission from the record keepers. 
1st - Ibol with Kenisha
Hack - They keep hacking various parts of today's post.
Force thought -  Blank thoughts were spread across the energy bubble to stop Ibol at work.  
Cross train - Yolo Basin, Skunk avatar, Carquinez Park, Lillian Solomon, San Pablo Bay, Vaca Mountains, Kenisha, Ibol

2nd - Madame Ping with Red Dragon
Hack - At work, the light went off then on.
Hack -  At home, connecting to the anime server gave me error 522. I restart the browser and connected to the server the next time. In the record, the Red Dragon pick this error because she thinks it's sexy. 
3rd -  Spider Queen with Mercury Maiden
Catch - Her foot was held in QA and by the copier, which no one saw.
Force thought - At work, I was helping Liwei troubleshoot a computer problem and I closed his computer by mistake. He proceeded to tell me that the same thing happened to him. In the record, Liwei's avatar used force thought to trick me into doing the wrong process.
Timeline - In a previous timeline sweep, I met the Black Dragon leaning against a car. I went back in the record and found him against the car with the Green Dragon in the driver seat and Black hands me a gift from the White Dragon and they both quickly split. I briefly pull apart the 16 sided polyhedron record and electrified lines jump out of both halves. I quickly shut it and sarcastically say, "Oh yeah, another deadly puzzle!"

4th - Ubol with Sun Maiden
Hack - I do a weekly deletion of all email at work. Though I restarted the program, it still showed a count. In the record, I hear the avatar say, "It to easy to stop it from resetting."
Catch - Twice, I had my foot held and no noticed it.
Shell - Leaving the office, I noticed a squirrel moving and stopping in the planter. In the record, a Mercury Maiden is in the squirrel shell.
Improvement -  Ubol started me on a heavier barbell weight. Thanks.

Updated - 2017 November 9 - Change Gray to Black. Fix picture. For some odd reason I had to republish this post due to link problems. Sorry about that.

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