Saturday, March 12, 2016

Avatar Collector: A Night Terror

Quote: On night walks, I hear the high buzz of collectors in the neighborhood. I want to help, but who would believe me.

As I stare at the ceiling, I lie in her bed and hold her hand. I am there to catch her night terror of snakes when it arrives. All is quiet, except the squeak of a hamster in a cage. Suddenly, the hamster runs on the wheel to get away.
She says, "It's here!"
In less than a second, I reply, "Got it.", as I move the terror from her to me through our hands. The buzz of a thousand bees rings between my ears with no affect. Not sure where it is, I use my mind to move the night terror to my hands. I feel the energy between my hands and toss it through the wall behind the bed. After several tries, I no longer feel its presence. We wait awhile longer and the terror does not return. We say our goodbyes and I return to my apartment to sleep. 

Update: 2016 March 12 
I never looked at the event records other than examine the night terror. So here we go...

Three records will be examined: the hamster, the humans, and the fisherman.

A four foot female avatar is the hamster's guide. When the avatar saw the night terror approach the apartment, she made the hamster flee for safety, which meant run on the wheel. The hamster's avatar watched both humans interact with the collector. Many times she watched the terror attack the hamster's owner. Never had she seen someone throw one out.

In my record, I see her and me laying in the bed. I look out towards the incoming collector and see a soul image dragging it closer.  The soul image connects to her soul to ensure the terror reaches the proper person. Right before the terror latches on her energy bubble, her avatar used avatar speak to say, "It's here!"  I drag the souls image over to me through our hands which moves the collector to my bubble. The buzz I hear is a brand new collector full of energy which never had a collision to start the process of collection. It took several tosses before the collector stop coming back.

In his record, the avatar fisherman wonders why the collector acts erratic. The fisherman monitors the lines by the tautness and vibrations from buzz energy of the fear images. Several loose lines and high vibrations tells him to reel it back in, because the human is no longer affected by the images. Both the fisherman and the assembler celebrate another person cured of their fear.  

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