Saturday, June 5, 2021

2021 May - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

"A good teacher lets their student explore to find the answers." Lord of Flames

Overall - My hands, neck, body is waxy to the my touch. Kind of weird. 
- The bathroom mirror steams up even with cold shower. A month ago, this did not happen. In the record, when the cold water hit my body I can sense my body heat evaporate the water.  White shards of vapor are present. I hear a different DE sound than the red shard sound.
- Sometime I lay on the bed to just think, just wondering if I am ready to do it.
1st - My eyes water a lot. I use to have allergies, perhaps this is all I need to do now?
- The DM water level is close to the top of Marin Avenue by Grizzly Peak Boulevard. I am still not clear on what is happening.

4th - At the support group meeting, I finally mentioned that I had invisible teachers who taught me how to make records and how to read records while using my avatar's eye, a.k.a. my voice. I said, "It's not like there is a neon sign point to Dark Energy and Matter saying that, "This is it." " And it is not like there is a neon sign saying that I am clairvoyant. You just have to figure it out." In the record, I was clairvoyant and seeing DEM years before I understood it.

5th - Finally released more avatar dialogues on lots of different folks. I still have more to do.

10th - I finished the family/relative newsletter. One of the topics was about why I got the vaccine. And this is the weird twist. I was going to talk about that when I grew up in the 1960's we did not have a vaccine for rubella, a.k.a. German measles. So here I am sitting on the throne, a.k.a. toilet, thinking about the story of a young boy who gave his pregnant mom rubella, which created a mental handicap in the baby when she was born. The emotion I felt over and over was guilt, extreme guilt for what I had done. The story was not about my family or me, but the guilt was extreme. In the record, when I did an examine of me, I found in the box man exam a "monkey on my back", a.k.a emotional form. I could see it darting from record to record. I guess I may be getting through to him. I guess he is sorry for destroying the fifth planet of our solar system. I need to do a post on just how wrong it all went. 

11th - I thought I barely felt the electric charge of the Iphone screen. Nothing compared to my experience in April. 
- I am in a massive warehouse of electronics build and design. There are all sorts of humans and non-humans working on various electronic devices. As I walk around the maze of circuit board shelves, I talk to various folks trying to locate my section. In the record, it is not unusual that I am more busy in my dream worlds then my physical human world.

14th - The new DEM ocean is cleaner than the previous stagnant pond where the energy bank would be cleaning the pond. The energy banks still operates. Perhaps this is the rinse cycle. In the record, the new rising DEM ocean is above the 5,000 elevation. See the pic above. I had me, my soul, stand on the rock feature to place the current DEM ocean level. As you might expect, the interface between the Pacific Ocean and Land DEM Ocean flow with the tide. It's flowing over the I5 freeway Grapevine. I guess I should investigate what is happening? The real question is how does this relate to the current drought in California. I have not a clue. 
- getting better at distinguishing between me and the Orange man. 

22nd - Doing more outside the box examines, OTB. Found yet another monkey on me. It seems to be the main source of my mania, a.k.a. stream of consciousness. In the record, it is exhilarating ride provided you know when to get off. 
23rd - Last night was another, "I am on fire" night. I guess I will look at it sometime in the future?
- The DM water level is up 2 feet against the Sierras. See pic above.

26th - another "I am on fire" night. 

27th - a Golem Queen comes by for a visit.

28th - "The light, you must stay out of the light.", is the one thought that I must adhere to as I navigate the mountain pass. I finally meet up with my mountain kin in the cave. In the record, I get an update on the plans of the golem race, though I attended in my golem form, my human soul was shut out of   the meeting. If my human soul attended the meeting, I would have to submit the records to the Mercury library.

30th - I had the pleasant surprise of someone calling my a bucking shothead. You can fill in the correct letters. It attached to me like a monkey on your back. I was able to tie up the emotional form with white DE thread, dark energy, from my fingers. I then cupped it between my hands and disintegrated to basic DEM stuff. In the record, I have used DE thread before to mend stuff. Now I can use it to bind DEM stuff.
2022 November 3 - redid the intro for Iphones
2023 July 15 - reposted pic

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