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2016 June 11-25: Water & Air Minxes

Ulysses and the Sirens

Quote: "We are pleased to announce that we will aid lost they will be found." Air Minx Mum

2016 June 11-25: Water & Air Minxes
In the above painting, the Minxes, a.k.a. sirens, took on bird forms to be seen by the sailors. They had tried female avatar shells in mid air, but the humans looked right through them as if they were invisible. In the record, the boat avatar thought forced the human sailors to ignore the floating females. Once the Minxes took on the appearance of large birds, the force thoughts did not work because the logic of flying birds was acceptable versus floating females.

12th -
Breathing - At cruise attitude on the airplane to Chicago, I felt my throat tighten for a few minutes. I received a thought impression to cup my hands over my mouth and breathe. With each breath I gained control of my throat and relaxed.
In the record, the plane flew through a cloud of Air Minxes singing a song. All passengers with green Earth energy around their bodies were unaffected. In me, the avatars of the day were Water Minxes, which are made of blue Water energy. The blue energy accelerated the song through my avatar hearing spiral vortex, a.k.a. throat chakra. To fix my dilemma, I need green energy which comes out with each of my breaths. With my hands cupped over my mouth, each breath leaked green energy out of my hands around my throat, which coated my hearing vortex.

13th -
Walk - I walked around Dawes Park to recruit cross train partners.
Cross train - Water Minx Mum and Daughter, Gnats, Evanston Park Animals, Forest, Northwestern University, Lake Michigan

14th -
Walk - I walked from Downtown Evanston to Skokie to hike the North Shore Channel Trial. Instead of backtracking to the hotel, I was lost in the Evanston neighborhood. An easy hour walk turned into three and half hour ordeal. After getting directions from four Dragons, I was able to find the hotel again.
Comment - Minxes have never experienced being lost. Being human has given them insight about our lives.  

22nd -
Cross train - Southwest Airplane, Deer Mum, Josephine Baker, Stratus Cloud Minx Mum and 3 Daughters, Ibol & Ubol, Water Minx Mum

24th -
A question - One of the Air Minx asked me, "What is it like to be a Dad?" I never had an avatar ask me this question, though I sensed that she was searching for a missing part of herself. Female Minxes are beautiful and intelligent, but their allure mesmerized those around them. All male avatar stayed away from them, including their fathers. They attracted human males out of curiosity though it was often to their doom. They just wanted acceptance in a world that had abandoned them.

To answer their question, being a Dad was the best thing that happened to me. Raising children with a loving wife brought me happiness. It's hard at times, but you never regret a minute of it.

July 4th -
Good news, the female Minxes now wear bracelets which dampens the allure energy. It's an emotional scene at the house as their fathers hug their daughters.
 July 8th -
The Minx Eve gave me all her records, which allowed me access to view the progression of them wearing avatar bird shells. The Eve's records are now stored on Mercury if you want to look at them.
2024 May 3 - changed font, reposted pic

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