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Avatar Process: Open Sea Fear Purgatory

Capsized Chinese boat - 2015 June 2

Quote: "Deadman ships, Davy Jones' Locker, a sea monster...and you think I kid you about the lunacy of the avatar world." Captain David

Avatar Process: Open Sea Fear Purgatory
The ending line in the article is below and the link is in the picture's caption.
"A freak tornado hit the area where the boat was, a seldom occurrence in a country where tornadoes are not common, said China’s weather bureau."

If there is one thing I have learned in working in the avatar world, there are no freak accidents. This has to be avatar shenanigans.

In the record:
Since the picture was published, I pull up the record and reverse the timeline to see the start before the ship sank. I see a large black mist and a male weather avatar hovering by the cloud. My shoulder avatar, Ibol, and I enter the record and hear a Sea Captain bark orders. 

"Why are you here? The hell with you! Sink it."

The weather avatar shrugs his shoulders and proceed to make a tornado to sink the ship. I slice through the dark mist and see a large wooden ship with many oars out its side. I leave the record.

If I had to guess, his ship is in the Mediterranean Sea collecting more soul in fear. Let's go look.

Making a record: 2016 July 9
Ibol and I are above the Mediterranean Sea and spot three black boats off the African coast. I descend to talk to the Captain, though the Captain speaks first.

"What are you doing here again?"

"Just taking a look."
 As I peer around I see an wooden galleon ship and no souls on deck. All the souls must be down below manning the oars.
"Do you collect the souls that fear death?"

"Hell, I collect all souls who die at sea. What's it to you?"

"What happens to the souls who lose the fear to man the oars?"

"They walk the plank to Davy Jones' Locker."  He point his cutlass to the plank off the side of the ship.

"And that is...?"

"It's a storage place at the bottom of the sea, away from the monster.", as he points his cutlass down.
"Then the white ship comes by and picks them up."

"The white ship takes them...where?"

"I don't know. You have to ask that Captain."

It sounds like another waiting room for soulsa.k.a. heaven, before they are moved on to the next world. I speak again. 

"I have an offer you can't resist."

We talk about re-purposing the ship to collect both souls and their shoulder avatar. Gwen takes the Captain and shows him her new perpetual motion car that runs on Water energy, which won't require manning the oars. A GBS avatar installs cleansing baths to recondition the souls in fear. Water and Air Minxes volunteer to find the shoulder avatars for the ship's souls. Things are cracking, though I am not sure what he meant by the monster.

As for the reason why the Captain sank the Chinese ship. 
"They had lived long lives and are good workers...great for the oars on the new ships."

He commissioned two more ships to pick up the new souls drowning in the Mediterranean Sea. The captain was doing important work to save the souls from the monster

The captain gave me his records to search for the monster, check out Davy Jones' Locker, and locate the Captain of the White ship. The records are now stored on Mercury for your reference, which your avatar can review and share with you.

2016 July 16 - Grammar corrections.  Added Ibol - I keep forgetting I have a shoulder avatar because she is above and behind me. Yeah, out of sight, out of mind...LOL 
2023 August 9 - change font, reposted pic

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