Sunday, July 17, 2016

Google Maiden - Goggle Maps and Site of Requirement

The links below no longer link to the time I was filmed by the Google Maps car.

Front view of me walking down Marin Avenue    

Back view of me walking down Marin Avenue

Quote: When the Google car passes, people, humans and avatars, should always wave. A proper greeting to the map viewer is a "Hello". Google Maiden

Google Maps -
It was a bizarre day. Five times in one day the Google car passed me. One was on Shattuck while I was in the car. The other four were on my walk down Marin. The only one I found online was the very last one.

How I meet several of the Avatars in the world was in Google Maps. I opened the map in street view and there were avatars waving back at me in the monitor's map picture. After the initial meeting they came by the house and stayed the week.

Site of Requirement
I had plucked a strand off my heart chakra, crafted a ring, and gave it to Ubol as a way to contact me for help since she was schismed in a world outside of this Universe. At my physical, the doctor saw in irregularity in my heart. I was worried that the chakra ring was the cause. At home, I used my avatar's eyes to examine the spiral vortex of energy, a.k.a. heart chakra. I saw a black vacancy where the strand used to be located, though I wanted to verify the vortex image. To the Web we go.

To my disappointment, all of the heart vortex images were pictures of weird looking flowers. Then I came across an image of a heart chakra that was exactly like the ones I saw with my avatar's eyes. Finding that picture gave me comfort that I was not crazy. While I was there, I viewed the other chakras. I, of course, forgot to bookmark the site, which I was not able to find again. If I want, I can now go to the Mercury Library and look at the pictures, which were lent to Google for a site I required.

 July 17 2016 - grammar
2017 April 22, correct more grammar and added heart for chakra clarification. 
2024 May 3 - changed font, reposted pic

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