Monday, July 11, 2016

Why Blog? The Living Book & Post Deletions and Updates

"I will publish the living book for all to read for all of time." David's oath to Box Man. 

Why blog? 
Clarity. In the record, until I look at the record, I never see all the details that I miss in a cursory glance.
Things make sense now.
Blogging allows me to share with everyone.

Living book:
Yes! I no longer have to publish a book. The blog is the living book. I will post my adventures in the Avatar world and update past posts as the story unfolds. For now, I will post everything but the cross training because I am shy about talking about it. Perhaps in the Web site I will put up a special section on it.

Post deletions:
I have made a copy of all the post titles and I will go through each one this summer. I have started to delete post and combine them with others. The blog is a progress of my knowledge of the avatar world, but I need to trim the fat and make it tighter.

Post updates:
On past post, I need to do minor grammar corrections, readability changes, and link fixes. To indicate updates, I will add at the post's end the following:

Update - year month day - what I did.

If you have previously read the post, check the bottom to see if you want to read it again.
Soon I will open the Web site which will be the index to the blog.
2021 June 8 - Added in the record, fix font, pushed quote to the top. Add shy and web. Deleted link.
2023 November 26 - changed font, gave up on website

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