Sunday, July 24, 2016

Avatar World - 912 Shattuck Plant & Tree Avatars

Avatar World - 912 Shattuck Plant & Tree Avatars
I am on the hunt for Pokemon as I walk to the CVS Pharmacy. 
On my way there, a plant avatar and I exchanged comments.

Quote: "Just stand to the right of your flowers. Great. Click. I just uploaded your picture to the Avatar Location Map." Future David

"You care more about finding those things then us."

"Well, it's hard to care about something you can't see."

Then a mood swing hits me. I let it ride to understand her feelings.
912 Shattuck in March 2016 from Googles Maps

Using my avatar's eye, I examined the picture's record of the house with everything in bloom. There are eight plant and tree avatars busy at work. The pink ones is a permanent male Jasmine flower avatar who also tends the Black-eyed Susan flowers. High in the tree is a permanent male tree avatar who tends both front yard trees. In the seasonal sour grass, five small green male and female avatars tended the yellow flowers. On the right, was a seasonal-yellow female Rose avatar. In the back, is a permanent female Redwood Tree avatar who I know intimately.

Most avatars know how to make a shell to be seen. Physical beings can not harm them. The question is, "Who will be the first to show themselves?" 

Well, it has been decided that I have to come out first. When I do, it will be me in my body 24/7. It makes sense. It will be necessary for a human to explain what is happening.

Update 2016 July 24 - grammar
2018 February 7 - outing myself

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