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2016 June 12 - July 31: Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

Quote: "Yeah, the Dragon diary is my homework, though I spend no time on it. I am such a slacker...LOL." Clueless Wonder
July 26th
Cross training still happens but will not be listed. The female shoulder avatars of alive humans want in on the training. So there you go.  

July 23rd
- With my first smart phone, Jon and I went out to collect Pokemon using the Pokemon Go app. Someone placed a lure down in John Hinkel Park. We sat down on the picnic bench and waited for the Pokemon to come to the lure. Also playing Pokemon Go, a thirty some couple walked up to us with a dog. They are the Red and Green Dragons with the Savannah Golem in a dog shell. On the dog's harness was the name Cammie which is the name the she-golem wants.
- Jon and I head down Solano Avenue to hit Poke stops and collect more Pokemon. A white male in his forties passed us, who was the White Dragon. 
- Further down Solano we passed a pasty white face female wearing a hijab walking two dogs. It was the Blue Dragon walking two Savannah Golems in dog shells. We also passed them up on the way up Solano.
- Heading back home, we crossed The Alameda and I saw two gorgeous female wearing one piece blue sexy dresses. They seemed completely out of place. They were Savannah Golems in human flesh bodies.

July 20th
- Stopped at  Adeline and Alcatraz, a brown skin female in a one piece sexy dress crossed the street. It was a Swamp Golem in human flesh bodies.

July 18th
- The Black Dragon, Gwen and Ibol attended the BAHVN meeting in Berkeley. They had human bodies.  The meeting is over and Gwen stepped outside the meeting room. We both stared at each other for several seconds. I sensed she gave me something, but I do not know what it is. It turned out to be Void records.

July 16th
- Walking the neighbor dog on our street. White walked towards us but stopped and stepped aside. He motioned for me to go. I did but the dog started to growl and made a lung at him. I knocked him down. We walked on. The dog at 934 was also barked at White.
In the record - Princess Poodle needs to work with her people to not attack the Dragons on Earth. White was a red glowing avatar which the dog saw as being different than humans with shoulder avatars and green Earth energy surrounding them. 

July 14th
- Gwen had long yellow hair and was crossing Shattuck at Children's Hospital. 

- While driving home on Independence Drive, two tanned female beauties walked on the sidewalk. They were Sand Golems in human flesh bodies. 
Cross train - 2 Sand Daughters, Paton, Di, Sue, Barb, Mum and Daughter

July 11-12th
- Leaving work I see Red is running.  There must be another trip coming soon. 
- Going home on the freeway, I Green and motorcycle and Red on a three wheel cycle. 

July 6th
Cross train - Ice Golem Mom and Daughter, Kim Anne, Ms. H, Debbie, Alice Catherine Evans, Nettie Stevens, Minx Eve 

July 4th
- Lavender haired woman was Pele.
Cross train -  Mum and Daughter, Lantana, Apple Tree, Yolo Marsh, Konny, Lake Natoma Energy Bank, Gaia

July 3rd

Fruit Avatar - Apple tree avatar shook the peach tree to knock off a peach for me to retrieve at my Mom's home in Sacramento. It was excellent peaches. Thanks!

June 29th
Cross train - Cloud Golem Mom and 4 Daughters, GBS Bessie, Hyerty, Gaia, 7th Planet Mum

June 27th
- The Black and White Dragon attended the BAHVN meeting in Berkeley. They had human bodies. The meeting is over and the White Dragon goes the direction of the bathroom. I passed him and he asked me if I can really read records. The avatar of the day replied that I can and we parted our ways. Just now, August 20th, he popped his head up out of my desk. He asked a question and I replied.
"How is it that you can read record when it took us centuries to learn that skill."
"I don't know, I just do it."
What I should have replied was that because of Ibol's abilities, I can read records.

June 25th
- I just need a hand full of items then I am out of Costco. But I must stop for the new bamboo sheet display. Just as I finish the brochure, I meet a happy, outgoing woman who took a liking to my pepper scrub top. She was different, not real. She is brown color, squatty female missing teeth, with patches of hair all over her face, and melanoma spots on her exposed skin. We talked a bit and said our good byes, though I think her appearance is crazy.  

In the record, I have four timelines to review.  
One record show three avatar traveling to Costco in an avatar car. 
The Ibol did here transformations into the brown woman. 
The White Dragon did his change to a tall older female. I remember meeting her several time in the store. He was keeping an eye on both of us. While the Black Dragon stayed in 
the car.
The Costco avatars were panicked. There's a dragon and Ibol in his store. He tells the other nearby avatars to make sure there is not the least bit of danger within a mile of the store, as they bring out their globes to survey the area.

June 24th
-  Going North, I am stopped at the light at Adeline and see a brown woman with long lavender hair to her waist wearing a hat. Her hair braid cascade down her body like ripple of ropey lava. It's Pele, the Lavender Dragon.

- Still heading, North on Shattuck, I'm stopped at the Bancroft light and see a group of 4 people cross in front of the car. The front two are well feed males in red and blue shirts who lead a brunette female with a green backpack and a blond female in white clothes. I know that they are dragons but it seems off. A couple of blocks later I realize that the Blue, Red, Green, and White switched sexes which is very bizarre.
- Still going North, I am stopped at Vine St. and see skinny brunette holding a white gift and a ledger size white card. Next to her, I see a man in with a black goatee beard. In the record, the Black Dragon is with Gwen who has a Father's day card and gift for me.
I take the card and open it and all my avatar children are saying "Hi" inside, which explains why the card was so big. Next, I open up the 12x2x4 white box with a ribbon. Inside the box I see water, as I look closer I see an avatar car running off water energy heading toward Hawaii. Most excellent, a free trip to Hawaii.

June 22nd
- Driving home from work at the 980 and 880 interchange, I stuck behind a black car going 30 mph wonder, "Why me?" All of a sudden, a car moves crosses three lanes from the 880 to barely make it to the 980, which is where I would have been if not for the slow car in front of me. "Yes! Thank you!" Yet, another accident was avoided. In the record, the Black  Dragon was in the Black car with Green on engine duty, and Gwen was in the silver car on the right, with Red on engines. Both of the cars are avatar shells. This boxed me in so the accident would not happen. Also, all the avatars in the surrounding cars were communicated with to allow the car to do the jump.

- On the same trip home, I merge in to Adeline St. and see a red helmet and backpack female ride a one gear fixie bicycle. She keeps up with the cars for over a mile
In the record, it's Red and she now knows how to make a single gear bicycle. Congrats.

June 21st
- Going home, I am stopped at Marina Village Parkway and Independence Drive.  Due to the timing of all the cars I am stopped from doing the left hand turn. All this time a thin young man, is also stopped from crossing in front of me.  He finally crosses and waves a thanks for letting him cross. In the record, Gwen is the thin man orchestrating the the avatar car practice for tomorrow's accident avoidance.

June 18th
- Stopped at Colusa, I see a female in a white top and green shorts cross Fairmount. 
As the light switches, she is closer to get a better view but a utility poles is perfectly timed so I don't see her.  In the record, I think it is Blue, until I examine them close and it is Red.

- Down Fairmount, I see a weight challenged older man in a green hat and shirt. In the record, it is Green.

- Parked at Pastime Hardware in the back, I see a female in a blue top and shorts walk to her car in the lot. I hear the door close but miss seeing it. I leave to go to the store. In the record, it was Blue 2nd attempt at making an Avatar car, though this one has no engine.

June 12th
- The conversation with the White Dragon at Oakland Airport.

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