Friday, July 15, 2016

Avatar Process: Fear Soul Collector

Quote: "An unwanted girl was given to the bridge builder for a sacrifice. It was changed to a dog to hide the truth." David's findings from reading the mountain avatar's records.

I drove the family through the Alps and stopped at Devil's Bridge. I walked along the old road and turned the bend. Just off the path, I saw a small shelter in the mountain side. I stopped and stared at the shelter wondered why it caught my eye. All of a sudden, I saw a soldier drag a wounded soldier to the shelter. The image repeated over and over again though the battle at the bridge happened in 1799. 

In the record:

The mountain avatar finally gave me his box of records, which are now on Mercury, for all to view. For sometime, I suspicion that I played a part in the event and was not just a tourist. Let's see what the records show.

Making the record - 2016 July 12-13
My soul and shoulder avatar, Ibol, are at the bottom edge of a large cylinder. The battle rages, as we observe the soul collector at work. Black tubular arms pulls the souls out of the dead bodies and places them inside the collector. The collector has accumulated many souls and radiated red fear energy over the battlefield. We ascend and talk to the driver, who views a round globe finder of other battles.

"Would it be possibly for you to move this?" 
"I am busy." 
"It creates fear everywhere. The battle won't end until you move." 
"I am to stay here until all the soul are collected." 
"Perhaps you did not hear me. This won't end until they are all dead." 
"I am good with that."

Though I am stunned, Ibol look around and spies a mountain avatar. We go to talk with hopes of his help.

"I need your help to stop that machine from killing everyone."
"Why should I help?"
"The fear from that thing affects everything here."
"It will leave soon enough."

Staying calm, Ibol suggests to me that he wants something in exchange. I make an offer.
"What do you want for helping me?"
"I want the bridge built again."
"Fine! Here is what I want you to do."

For the battle to end, the machine needs to leave to remove the fear cloud. I instructed the mountain avatar to bring the souls down the road, pass the bend, into the mountain, out of arm's reach. Ibol, my shoulder avatar, stepped out of me to help hide the mountain avatar. She made the avatar look like a solider to blend in case the driver spotted him. Ibol created green Earth shells around each dead person to hide their souls. I played "catch me if you can" with the collector's arms. Never once did the driver look up from his globe finder.

The plan worked. Both Ibol and the avatar finished hiding the souls. The collector's arms tried to catch me, though I was out of reach. With nothing to collect, the arms coiled back into the collector's housing. The driver checked that the arms are fully retracted. He turned around and force thought every collected soul to put their feet out the bottom. He pointed and ordered, "Up the mountain." Out the bottom were hundreds of green feet that walked up the mountain side. Unfortunately for the French, the collector departed on their side which left a cloud of fear in its path.

With the battle over and all the dead soliders' souls in the mountain, Ibol informed the avatar that a soul collector will return to retrieve them. We also promised to return with a golem to rebuild the bridge.

In the record, I saw online the bridge that was built. Mind you, only once but it was etched in my memory. This event was not my event but an event of my past selves. The shoulder avatar was their avatar.
In the record, the round spaceships that folks see are only sea ship that gather souls. In the record, they are sea ships because we live a the bottom of the great flood, which is why folks see them above on the top of the flood.
In the record, the machine is an avatar vehicle. It needed to walk on the mountain because it was on an island above the flood.

2016 July 16 - Grammar corrections.
2018 July 27 - Added bridge memory and spaceships, spacing, avatar vehicle 
2024 May 3 - reposted pic, changed font, add real pic

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