Friday, July 1, 2016

Avatar Connected: The Energy Wave Dance

Quote: "When I release, my love purifies all who live on the land." The Gorgeous Black Sisterhood

I press play and put my arms out at full length.

At 13 seconds -
We raise our hands and large columns of Earth and Water energies spiral a mile high.

At 20 seconds -
We spin 180 and propel a wave of energy across the land cleansing all in its path.

The GBS who manages the energy bank over Lake Merritt enjoys the AMV.
I can be her and she can be me when we dance to the music.
I can feel the surge of energy and the release when I am one with her.

July 3 -
When I picked a peach off my Mom's tree in Sacto, the East of Eden remix song played in my head. The Sacramento Avatar has committed to set up the Lake Natoma energy bank to clean the Central Valley.

Updated - 2016 July 10: add new energy bank and grammar edits

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