Monday, March 15, 2021

Ibol Story Arc 12: The Exam

Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

The Exam: Ibol’s Panic Attack
I was in the master bathroom with my wife, while the two kids were in their bedroom playing. I felt a sudden urge that an upcoming exam will destroy me, an anxiety attack. I looked at my wife, then stepped out and looked at the boys and saw no consternation on any of them. Without knowing who the anxiety was from, I did words of encouragement to help this person in need. To this day, I was not exactly sure what happened. I held my hand up and both Gwen and Kenisha placed their hand on mine to unroll Ibol’s panic attack.

In the record, I saw Ibol’s doppelganger sitting in the cave on the bench. I saw her take several deep breaths to calm herself, though there was no air to breathe. I saw her walk out of the cave then appeared on the other side of a bare wall of her home. Ibol stepped out of her home and was greeted by her friend, Kenisha and Gwen.

“What is the last question I answered in history yesterday?”
“I…I don’t know?”
“Hmm. How many fingers is Ken holding up behind her back?”

Ken quickly put her hand behind her back tucking in her thumb.
Without thought, Ibol used her clairvoyance to see through her friend.

“She’s right. It’s her.”
“You know we had to check to make sure.”
“Yeah...the exam.“

“You’ll do okay. You know the stuff better than us.”
As they walked to the lesson, a growing dread started to overcome Ibol. She froze in place.
“Are you okay? We need to go.”
Ken’s words were a blur as terror started to overcome her. Then out of nowhere, words of encouragement cut through the dread.

“I don’t know who you are, but it will be okay. It's just a test. It does not define you. Just relax. Do the best you can. You will be okay.”

My words broke the spell of fear placed on her from another world. Ibol snapped back and started to walk again.

“I just heard David talk to me. He told me that it will be okay."

“That’s not possible. You’re not in the cave.”
“It may be possible. Regardless we need to concentrate on the exam.”


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