Monday, March 15, 2021

Ibol Story Arc 2: Singsong

Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

Singsong: Being Herself

Let’s start with a happy memory of my childhood. I have few memories of my childhood because I was a developing soul. I placed my hand in front of me and Ibol placed her hand on top. I swung my hand to the side to unroll Ibol’s timeline.

In Ibol’s record, it was morning. I saw the young me, Ibol’s remnant, run into the kitchen to greet my Mom in a singsong voice.

“Hello Mother. How are you doing today?”
“I am fine. And how are you?”

My childhood was an excellent life. Ibol enjoyed my family. Living with my Mom, Dad, Brothers, and Sisters brought happiness to her outcast life on Venus.

In Ibol’s record, everyone on Venus spoke in singsong to each other. Nowadays, when I return to my human body after being in the DEM world, I continue to use singsong speech. If you think about it, singsong is a higher form of speech we should all strive to achieve.

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