Monday, March 15, 2021

Ibol Story Arc 6: Earthquake

Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

Earthquake: Golem Birthing 
I was sound asleep. Suddenly, I felt my upper bunk bed shake. In my dream, I saw a car crash into the side of the house. The thought made sense and blissfully I went back to sleep.

In Ibol’s record, she spotted a possible danger to her human, me, in my future timeline. Just before the earthquake, she prepared an avatar thought suggestion of the car crash. She planned to watch what the people in the Earth were doing.

Just before the shaking, she cast the car crash thought, then poked her head under the house to watch. She saw many male and female golems stand opposite of each other in a long line. Seated at the end of the line was the golem King, who slammed down his staff which broke the ground. As the ground shook, the line of golems gathered the loosen Earth dark matter into a ball. With focused thought, they shared a part of themselves to energize the ball. Slowly they backed away from each other. As Ibol watched, she saw an adult golem formed from the energized Earth ball.

Ibol had heard of the golem race in her Earth history lesson, but had never seen them. The golem birthing gave her an ideal for a future plan.

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