Monday, March 15, 2021

Ibol Story Arc 15: I Meet Ubol

 Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

I Meet Ubol: 2013 June 13
Home from work, I walked into my flat. Everything seemed more quiet than normal. I mentally asked, "Where is Ibol?" and got no reply. I had not heard from her in several days.

I headed straight for the bed to find her. As my head hit the pillow, a large surge of energy surrounded my bed. My left hand grabbed my right wrist to stop my right hand from harming me. In my head, I heard Ubol’s vengeance.
"I will kill you!"
Ubol tried to grab my head, but in three worlds Ibol’s left hand knew what Ubol’s right hand was doing. Ubol moved her right hand over my chest, as Ibol used all my force to preserve my life.

"Or perhaps I should rip out your heart!"
"No thank you very much. I like it where it is"

After my reply, I allowed Ubol on Earth in my body so we could talk.

After several years of outings, Ibol and Ubol became friends. Ubol was given a tree golem from the Sierra Mountain avatar to start a forest in her world. Ubol’s government changed from an absolute monarchy to a council collective. Over the years, Ibol and Ubol learned to live with each other, to be one with each other, to end their schism.

One more thing about Ubol and Ibol.
There is no difference between a succubus and a cow maiden of Aditi.

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