Monday, March 15, 2021

Ibol Story Arc 11: The Whale Report

 Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

The Whale Report: A Request
It’s evening, I am at my desk in front of my desktop computer. I got an urgent thought request for anything about whales on Earth. I went online and looked but the internet was new so there was little information. I turned around and pulled out my 4th grade book on whales. With the book in front of me, I turned and paused on each page. When I was done, I closed the book. I was given an okay thought that the information was enough and went back to my adult life.

I knew that the request was from outside, though I never found out all the details. As I ready my hand, Ibol, Kenisha, and Gwen place theirs on mine.

In the three records, I saw Ibol in her cave ready her doppelganger for lessons. Gwen and Ken both walk into the cave as Gwen spoke.

“Is your report done?”
“Oh no!”
“Well you better do it now or it will be late.”
“Give me a minute.”

Ibol popped into the view bubble to request information on whales. After viewing all of the whale book pages, she sent a “thank you” thought form and popped out.

“I need a moment.”

Ibol flew all the book pages separate and flat in front of her to edit. She blurred the pictures and changed the font to a Venusian dialect.

“It needs a title page.”

Ibol quickly added a page titled, “My Whale Adventures.” She sewed the pages together and popped a copy for herself.

“She will never believe it.”
“It will have to do. When it is my turn to read, send me a message. I will report through my double.”

Kenisha grabbed the report and the double.
“Come here Blondie, hold this. Off we go.”

Gwen and Ken walked Blondie out of the cave to the lesson.  

Later, Ibol reported to the headmistress about the textbook quality of her whale report.

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