Monday, March 15, 2021

Ibol Story Arc 10: Must Protect

 Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

Must Protect: I Love You Hand Sign
I was asleep in a dream world. I saw a young girl in the middle of a field of tall grass waving in the wind. I, the girl, sensed someone approaching from behind. I quickly turned, crossed my arms at the wrist, and showed the “I love you” sign with both hands. The invisible being that had stalked me was lifted up in the air and kept motionless.

On Earth, in my bed, I sat straight up. Crossed my arms. Flashed the hand signs. Clueless of why I suddenly sat up.

In the record, I was placed on an alternative timeline that allowed me to walk where a car was parked in the garage. Ibol knew I was in trouble. At any moment, I could enter an alternative timeline of a place I had already visited. The garage was an easy timeline to jump. In a past timeline, I had been in the garage with only one car. The hand sign was my last resort to stop whatever was coming towards me on a corrupt timeline.

At first, I used a lucky penny that I found on the street to make the timeline unique, not corruptible. Due to the scarcity of unique items, Ibol suggested avatar substitution. Everyday, I allowed an avatar or golem or dragon to replace my soul and shoulder avatar. The problem of a unique timeline was solved, except I knew only a few avatars. I set out to recruit new avatars, golems, and dragons to be me for the day. My search took me all over the Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, and the Universe. The program of new avatars, golems, and dragons to be me for a day was officially called the avatar of the day.

Ah, with any solution to a problem, new issues eventually arise. 
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