Monday, March 15, 2021

Ibol Story Arc 3: Fire Lesson

 Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

Fire Lesson: The Trash Burn Barrel
At the age of 4, I was sitting on the backyard lawn. I stood up and decided to walk over to the red glowing barrel. Next, I remember sobbing as I saw badges on my hand. I had no timeline record of touching the barrel. I held my hand out in front of me to open the timeline record. Ibol placed her hand on my hand. I swung my arm to the side to open the record. 

In Ibol’s record, I saw an enclosed hall, a birdbath size view pedestal by a teacher, and dozens of young children ready for today’s lesson. The kindly professor took the snow-globe size view bubble of a student’s remnant. He placed it on top of the view pedestal which immediately expanded out to the pedestal’s circumference. After a quick read, he removed the student’s bubble and handed it back to them. 
Being next in line, Ibol stood up and handed the teacher her view bubble, which he placed on the stand.

“Ah, good. You are ready for the lesson. Have your remnant stand up and touch the fire barrel.”
“Will this hurt him?”
“Of course it will. Your remnant is young and will forget it.”
“How bad will it hurt?”
“We do not speak of emotions here. They are for your remnant to experience.”
“How bad will this hurt?”
“Please do it.“
“I do not want to hurt him.”
“The remnant needs to learn about fire. Your remnant will survive.”
“I must?”
“You must do it.”

Ibol put her head and arms into the view bubble. With outstretched arms, my body was taken over by Ibol. She walked me, her remnant, over to the glowing trash burn barrel.

“Remember to pull out before your remnant touches. There is no need to feel this emotion. The remnant’s caretaker will save it.”

Ibol touched the glowing barrel and did not pull out.


Intense pain seared her hands as an element of fire became her hands.

“Pull out child! Pull out!”

Back on Earth, my Dad grabbed me and took me inside the house. My Mom put salve and bandages on my hands.
In the lesson on Venus, no one dared to touch Ibol for fear of the pain. Everyone stared in horror that she was still in the bubble, sobbing. Through water blurred eyes, Ibol saw that the salve and bandages were placed on her remnant’s hands. She passed out and slipped out of the bubble where two classmates, her future friends, caught her. 
“Take her to the healer!” 
Her two new friends carried her out as everyone stared at the water on her face and the blackened forearms and hands, things never seen by Venusians.
“If she had pulled out, this would not have happened.”

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