Monday, March 15, 2021

Ibol Story Arc 8: The Puzzle

 Ibol Story Arc Table of Contents

The Puzzle: The Flying Spaghetti Monster

I was in grade school, at my desk with a break between lessons. Again without thought, I used my pencil and paper to draw the squiggly arrow lines. I started with one line that was solid, no breaks. For some reason, I thought that was me. Then a circle with other arrow lines were added but they are all broken, as though they were less important. Then I stopped. It was the last time I drew the lines. And to this day, I still do not know why I stopped. I raised my hand, as Ibol, and her friends, Kenisha and Gwen, placed their hands on mine. 

In three records, I saw Ibol deep in thought, with her face and hands in the emotion filter of the viewing bubble. Ibol was unaware that Kenisha had entered the emotion shelter cave.

“Whatcha doing?”
Ibol pulled her head out to answer.
“You are using David to draw. Is it art? Can I see?”

Before Ibol could reply, Kenisha surprised her by pushing her head into the view bubble to look on Earth to see what I was doing. She pulled her head out and turned to Ibol.
“They are squiggly lines with arrows. Why?”
Ibol made an expression of being found out as Gwen entered the cave. Gwen’s left eyebrow raised at a hint of finding a clue.
“If I had to guess you are hiding something that you don’t want us to see.”
“Not really. It's just a bunch of squiggly lines.” 
Ibol let out a sigh of relief, until Gwen caught her expression.
“But why is she not doing it here in this world. Evidently, she wants no trace of it in our world.”
“Oh, you are good. So, let’s have the truth. What are you hiding?”

Ibol relinquished and confided in her friends. She told them about the binding of her abilities just prior to the schism of her planet. Both Gwen and Kenisha said that they wanted to help her. They also convinced Ibol to not expose her human, David, to a binding image.  
2021 May 14 - changed doing to hiding 
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