Sunday, November 1, 2020

2020 November - Dragon Diary

It is a diary of my daily experiences. If an event is important, it will have its own post... 

"Hello everyone. Let us beginning the first meeting of the Alliance." Gaia
Overall: For the last several months, I am still adjusting to my tree legs. In the record, cold shower have started my roots to sprout. Yes, we are tree people, on a Tree Earth, in a Tree universe.
Also, Bart is beginning to suspect that I am not who I am. In the record, Bart had thought there was nothing prior to the Gray folks. It turns out that Bart wanted me to find out something.
The Many Hands folks will be the avatar of the Day off and on. 
- Updated post: Avatar Visit List 2020
Tree tattoo which sort of looks like what is on my calf covering my foot.
- While watching T.V. and sitting on the floor futon, I stared at my DEM leg tree calves. It sort of looks like the tattoo pictured above except the trunk covers my calf, while the roots cover my feet. In the record, I guess cold showers have finally caused a change in me? It weird to look at. When I walk the root move around and grab the ground. 
- I remember Bart staring at my legs while we sat in theater for the Conscious Eating Conference. In the record, I can see what he saw. I had tree feet back in February 2020.

3rd - Updated post: 2020 October - Dragon Diary In the record, the golems and dragons start to have a "guess who has killed more humans then us" debate. In the end, all will have to answer for their actions regardless of which race it happened to affect. I love these debate sessions, knowing that it will be my race that will demand answers from me.
- Updated post: Earth Energy: Cat Bath

5th - If all of nature can see DEM, why don't humans see DEM? What went wrong? Was it shoulder avatars that short circuit the ability? Was it the great flood that created the Ocean of DEM on Earth that we now live in? I can recite numerous experiences of nature seeing DEM all around them. It would be hilarious if the Adam, Eve and the Tree of Knowledge was true. Ah shit! I don't want to know yet.

6th - I wake up in my body feeling good about the work that was done. In the record, while watching the vote count I see a dragon wrapped around each vote counting center to ensure the count is not interrupted. The dragons are a part of the Washington D.C. dragon.
- I stroll at night to avoid folks who don't wear masks. The temperature is 47F. It's a perfect temperature for a stroll in shorts and scrub top. In the record, the cold shower have lowered my temperature tolerance to the mid 40F.

7th - I was asleep when the presidential winner was announced.

9th - I know I need to look at the Covid-19 virus in both the dark matter, DM, and dark energy, DE, forms. I am not sure when the dark energy is created around the virus' DM. I do remember seeing the DE form in Donny's lung and from a news picture. I do remember seeing the DM form on stuff and in the lungs of an asymptomatic carrier. It makes sense on how the DM form is produced in human lungs. What I do not know is how and where Covid-19 would get the DE form. In the record, I conversed with the Council of Well Being and they want me to look at the matter again.
- I get the Orange Guard spray to kill the ants in the kitchen and in the wax milk carton I used for the green bin vegetable and meat scraps. Done spraying, I started to take the ant toxic milk cartoon out to the green bin in the front yard. Before I leave, I hear an ant avatar voice say, "Don't take it out! We talked and agree that you can dump it on Wednesday when the green bin is moved for pickup." In the record, the ant avatar knows that his main food supply in the green bin will be turned into a toxic waste if I dump the sprayed milk carton in the bin. I have told the ant avatar that he can have the outside, just leave the inside for me. Thanks for understanding.

11th - I finally meet me, the person Bart was wondering about. The aspect of me that is now apart of the Many Hands. At the Who Came First? post, I deleted the Many Hand in the post because I did not understand it. I wrote in the updates, "Removed Many Hands. I think they are manifestations of the timelines." When I wrote that, I did not understand it. In the record, I never questioned what I could do. I just did it.

12th - The Anatolian golems and avatars paid a visit.
- Finished the family newsletter. There is information in there about me that folks may want to read.

Treadmarks flag which gave the name of the Earth council.
- For some reason, the thought of a world council was in my head. In the record, the council would be made of the four main races on Earth: golem, avatar, human/soul, dragon. We need a better name than the world council. 
- Alliance is the name of the four main races. There is only 100 members. Only 5 are from the physical domain, which coincides with 5% is physical matter. They are a cat, a dog, RBG, me, and by popular female demand, Sean Connery.  In the record, it is common to see Sean walk around my flat with females in tow.

13th - Watched the Fifth Element again, because it is absurdly comical. It reminds me of what I first thought about the DEM world when I start to find out what everyone was doing.
14th - I am walking in an expansive factory floor. I carefully step over clinch block for the new DM side. I continue to walk trying to find what I need. I turn and look at a foreman who said, "In David's world." Fast asleep, I woke up to go to the bathroom and pee. In the record, looking for a bathroom is a common theme in the dream worlds.
In the record, I view myself through the foreman's eyes and see a Gaia being inspecting the work.

15th - Watched a NHK video where Shinichi Sawada used a record. This will be its own post.

17th - The ant are making a trail from the bedroom, hallway, and through the bathroom. I look and see a golden room on this side but a grey physical world on the other side of the wall. I do a "v" with both hands stretched out and join them together to reinforce my barrier. I walk over to the bedroom and see other wall that needs reinforcement. A GBS female joins my hand to complete the bedroom barrier that joins into their door. In the record, just doing some barrier maintenance.

19th - My goal is to have all humans start taking cold showers to increase their DEM layer. Also, to stop eating any cooked foods because they are laden with red wiggle shards. And have their schismed soul parents made whole. Only then can the human race move forward and take on climate change because we can now use the 95% of the universe, DEM. In the record, no one wants to take a cold shower. What am I thinking. LOL Thank goodness I am the clueless wonder. Now I don't have to figure it out, I just have to do it. 

20th - A Many Hands person did Avatar of the day. He had dizzy spells in the flat. In the record, the DE intake at the feet was off and I see no tree roots for stability.

24th - I got banned out of my first voice hearing forum. Apparently, linking my blog in the post is a no no. Oh well. Also, the InterVoice forum views a voice as a cause-affect versus the science model that I introduced. In the record, I see that I will not be welcomed to most voice hearing forums. I will have to set up one on my website.

26th - I take out the last three remaining staffs. They were put in storage. 

27th - Everyday I think about what I have to do and it seems impossible. Move the human race from passive DEM users to active DEM users. I don't see the path. But if I saw the path, then anyone could do it. In the record, do I truly have to stumble into it? I don't know.

2022 November 3 - redid the intro for Iphones and font
2023 July 25 - reposted pics

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